Pheasants are southern birds. Their native, coming to us habitats – grassy flood plains of Ciscaucasia. The promotion of pheasant from the southern zone at the edges of blizzards and frost prevents heavy snow in winter. Cold the bird will tolerate — would be the food. And where to get it, if in these parts the depth of snow at the end of winter a quarter of a meter? Pheasants need berries, seeds, green shoots…

Tame pheasants in our latitudes man tried for a long time. Gorgeous bird, the desired object of the hunt first got interested in royalty. Later adorned the parks and estates of the landlords. The nobles even discharged from abroad specialists — “pheasant masters”, who were responsible for the poultry yard.

Futanari natural Park “deer” experts believe the largest in Europe. It covers an area of 2 hectares! The Park is a favorite place of birds — thickets of wild thorns, which are generously spread in the valleys and gullies. From predators of pheasant and saves only the flight into the Bush: dive, and no beast fit. Helps high fertility — 20 eggs in the nest.

The Chicks in the Park are taken care of. They are fed, made for them to drink and even equipped with a place for swimming. Gradually pheasants adapt to independent life.

Who has not seen pheasants will not think that male and female are the same bird. Male — bright rainbow feathers, long tail diverges lyre. The female is a simple grey hen. Nature so wisely ordered that the female, protecting her Chicks, should be invisible to predators.