European Roe Deer

The European roe deer is a native inhabitant of forest islands and beams covered with shrubs. The oldest representative of the deer is also called the “goat” or wild goat. In the park, under the protection of man, the number of roe deer is growing rapidly.

Rangers recall the case when the female gave birth to four babies, which happens very rarely. Roe deer become large only under very good habitat conditions. A graceful little deer, light, swift-footed. Escaping from predators, it can run at a speed of 60 kilometers per hour, and jumps 10 meters in length!

In the summer, roe deer feed on juicy grass, berries, and mushrooms. The diet at this time of the year is varied, including almost a thousand species of plants. With the onset of cold weather, deer gather fruits and acorns, moving to young branches of trees and shrubs. Gnaw the bark, tear off the dry leaves.